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Education & Training

School Readiness and Success for Chidlren

Guidance and support to caregivers of young children to prepare them for the academic, social, and emotional challenges of early schooling. This typically includes advice on strategies to support children's learning, behavior management, and ways to foster their social and emotional development.

K-12 Academmic Support

Make a plan for getting your child back on track with help from a Navigator

Special Education Support

Help with identifying and accessing appropriate services, developing individualized education plans, advocating for the child's needs within the school system, and addressing social and emotional needs.

Career Planning

Map out the path to college or a fulfilling career with help from a Navigator.

College Planning

1:1 coaching on pursuing higher education which can help employees achieve their career aspirations.

Learning disability assessment

A comprehensive evaluation conducted by a qualified professional, such as a psychologist, to identify and diagnose specific learning disabilities in individuals.


Reimbursement to learner for registration in any of Unmudl's training programs.

Enrollment Support

Help understanding the paperwork of enrollment into any education system.

Scholarship Application Support

Assistance and guidance to employees seeking to apply for scholarships. This can include identifying relevant scholarships, completing paperwork, writing essays, and preparing for interviews.

Entrepreneuer Coaching and Assistance

Assistance with developing business plans, setting goals, identifying strategies for growth, and managing challenges that arise in the process of building a successful business. This service is for employees who are looking to improve financial stability by creating a business of their own.

Small Business Operations Assistance

Help with bookkeeping and accounting, managing cash flow, developing marketing strategies, managing inventory, and handling other day-to-day operational tasks.


Purchase computers or tablets necessary for individual learning or family-needs.

Internet relief assistance

Assistance finding discounted internet services, connecting individuals with community resources, and providing equipment and devices to access the internet.