The unfair advantage to attract talent and increase worker productivity

Empleo’s marketplace of support services are specifically designed to positively impact workers' health, family and future—and your bottom line.

An all-in-one solution to help your workers do their best work.

Workers who feel supported perform better, miss less work and stay longer.

Less turnover. More performance.

Everything your business needs to help your workers thrive. Under one roof.

Real Life Services

Empleo’s offerings are designed to solve the daily challenges of small business workers.

Accessible & Affordable

Traditional benefits are expensive and inaccessible. Our subscription is simple, affordable and flexible.

Increase Productivity

Workers face daily distractions that hurt productivity. Now, they can get help and stay focused at work.

Done For You

Never deal with the hassle of contracts for services, managing budgets or handling paperwork.

Stay Competitive

Compete with businesses who offer the gamut of benefits and avoid losing talent to bigger companies.

For Small Businesses

Empleo’s team brings 30+ years of experience as business owners who understand your needs.

Benefits marketplace

Support Services Your Workers Actually Want

Empleo’s offerings are designed to solve the real challenges that small business workers face every day.

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Career Skills
Debt Guidance

Flexible and affordable

Benefits Without The Price Tag

Our benefits are exclusively made for small businesses. Getting started is simple, employers only pay for what workers need and  use and payment into workers’ accounts can be managed quarterly to your budget.

Learn more about flexibility and affordability.

Start for Free
Zero Contracts
Made for Small Biz

You Have Full Control
Pick Who to Help
How Much to Give

Increased performance

Supported Workers Perform Better for You.

A workforce that feels supported misses less work, performs better and contributes to a positive culture.

Learn more about increased performance.

Increase Performance
Happier Team
Higher Engagement

More Fulfillment
Increased Loyalty
Collaborative Culture

Hands-off administration

We Take Administrative Hassle Off Your Plate

Never deal with selecting services, managing budgets, customer service or the administrative paperwork that comes with procuring benefit services.

Learn more about hands-off administration.

Sourcing Benefits
Worker Enrollment

Customer Service

Less turnover and absences

Say Goodbye To Unnecessary Absences

High turnover and absences are often a result of a lack of support as workers try to manage home, work and family life. We fix that.

Learn more about less turnover and absences.

Fewer Absences
Worker Fulfillment
Decreased Turnover

Energized Workforce
Positive Culture

Easy utilization reporting

Reporting Made Simple

Empleo sends you reports of your workers’ used or remaining benefit credits and helps easily identify what else they may need help with.

Learn more about easy utilization reporting.

Save Time
Get Clarity
Credit Utilization

Access Insights
Easy Snapshot
Peace Of Mind

It’s about time your business offered better benefits than your competitors.

Getting started with Empleo is simple and free.