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Parenting Support

This support may include workshops, classes, or individual counseling sessions to help parents develop skills and strategies for effective parenting.

Job Training for Others in Your Circle

Resources such as occupational or vocational training, certification, and skill-building to help employees develop their skills, enhance their career prospects, improve their earning potential, and achieve greater success in their chosen field.

School Transportation for Children

Resources and assistance to help employees ensure their children have safe and reliable transportation to and from school. This may include access to transportation vouchers, ride-sharing services, or information on public transportation options.

Summer Camps

Information on local summer camps, scholarships or financial assistance for camp fees, and advice on how to choose the right summer program for a child's interests and needs.

Culturally-aware parenting

An approach to parenting that involves recognizing and valuing the cultural diversity of communities, and making an effort to understand and respect their beliefs, values, and traditions.

Home Repairs

Assistance with repairing and maintaining the safety and livability of the home. This may include services such as minor home repairs, assistance with major home repairs, plumbing and electrical repairs, and heating and cooling system repairs.

Child Support Garnishments

Help understanding rights and obligations under the law, with the paperwork, and ensuring that child support payments are made in a timely and accurate manner.