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Financial Wellness

Medical Bills and Medical Debt

Review your medical bills, collection notices, learn how to negotiate billing and review credit scores and reports with a specialist.

Financial Coaching

A financial coach works with individuals to develop a personalized budget, financial plan, set financial goals, and strategize potential investments.


Provides assistance and support to individuals who are considering or have already filed for bankruptcy.

General Debt Solutions

Assistance with debt consolidation, negotiating with creditors to reduce interest rates or payment amounts, creating a customized debt repayment plan, and financial counseling to help individuals understand and manage their debts.

Simple Tax Preparation

Meet 1:1 with a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) provider and get your taxes done.

Student Loan Debt

Guidance for employees struggling to manage their student loan debt. This counseling can include help with loan consolidation, repayment plans, and loan forgiveness programs, as well as general financial management strategies to help individuals better manage their debt.

Understanding Loans

Guidance to help borrowers stay on top of their payments and avoid defaulting on their loans.

Financial Health for Employees of Color

Designed to address the unique financial challenges faced by employees of color. This can include programs tailored to assist individuals from underserved communities and other minorities.

Savings for Retirement- ROTH IRA

Services that help individuals plan and save for their retirement. This can include information and resources on retirement plans, such as 401(k)s and IRAs, as well as strategies for maximizing retirement savings and reducing taxes.

Matched Savings

Programs that encourage employees to save money by offering matching funds to their contributions.


Create a budget alongside a financial-coach