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Housing Services

Mortgage Application Assistance

For individuals who are applying for a mortgage to purchase a home. It can include guidance on the application process, documentation needed, and assistance in finding the right mortgage product.


This assistance may include help with identifying suitable rental properties, understanding rental agreements, negotiating leases, and understanding tenant rights and responsibilities.

Landlord Negotiations

Work 1:1 with a Navigator to determinet whether you can negotiate with your landlord; come up with a plan to stay housed or solve the issue

Rental Assistance with Paperwork

May come in the form of a subsidy, voucher, grant, or loan and can help with closing costs, mortgage insurance, and other expenses related to buying or renting a home.

Relocation or Moving Assistance

Credits toward the expenses of a move. This can help with finding housing, schools, and other resources, as well as assistance with packing, moving, and settling in.

Rent and Down Payment

Your credits go toward payment of month's rent or downpayment